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Nitrogen is invisible and cannot be smelled by humans. Therefore, oxygen warning devices are indispensable wherever nitrogen is used. We offer mobile devices and permanently installed devices in this area.

Stationary devices

The CANline®control unit is used to display the measured gas concentrations and to control the connected devices.

In addition to the 32 BUS transmitters, several external displays and touch panels, up to 6 relay cards and other modules such as the mean value module or A/D interface module can be connected to the CANline®control center. Thus, up to 32 potential-free programmable relay contacts are available which can be provided with 4 alarm thresholds per measuring point and divided into 10 zones or groups.

The SELECT key can be used to select different display modes. The sensors can be displayed one after the other or the sensor with the highest measured concentration is displayed. A RESET key is used to reset the system in the event of limit value violations. Furthermore, the CANline®control panel has concealed or invisible keys which make third-party operation impossible and make a protective cover superfluous. The central unit has a history function that displays and documents limit value violations and faults of the connected sensors to the minute. With the integrated interface, the measurement data can be transferred to the computer. Furthermore, the parameters of the sensors and the entire system are programmed via this interface.

The CANline®control panel is available in various versions for installation in control cabinets, in cable ducts and as a wall-mounted housing in various sizes. In addition, the system has a wide range of accessories such as integrated strobe lights and buzzers as well as a dialer and UPS, all of which can be integrated into the wall-mounted housing of the CANline®. Of course, you can also integrate suitable external CANline®messages from KIMESSA into the BUS as required.

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