Storage and transport containers
for cryogenic, liquefied gases

The liquid nitrogen storage and transport containers form an important building block within Taylor-Wharton's Cryo-Science system. The inner and outer containers are always made of stainless steel. All containers are approved for transport on public roads in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 1999/36/EC.

LD liquid nitrogen storage tank

For storage and distribution of smaller quantities of liquid nitrogen

LD series vessels are used for storage and distribution of cryogenic liquefied nitrogen, but also for working with this medium, e.g. in materials testing. The series includes tanks with storage capacity from 4 to 50 liters and offers both a 4l tank with a bottle-like neck for decanting and a 5l tank with a wide neck opening for immersion of objects. LD containers combine extremely low evaporation rates with easy handling. Some containers of the LD type series are available with removal lifter, tilting frame or with roller base. Special mention is made of the "Classic25", a proven container which, due to its center of gravity and handiness, is ideally suited for pouring (decanting) liquid nitrogen.

Storage capacities:

  • LD4 4l nitrogen
  • LD5 5l nitrogen
  • LD10 10l nitrogen
  • LD25 25l nitrogen
  • Classic25 25l nitrogen
  • LD35 35l nitrogen
  • LD50 50l nitrogen

Data sheet LD series

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