Container for the safe shipping of biogenic material

To meet the growing demands of the market, Taylor-Wharton has now developed the CXR shipping containers.

Due to the exchangeable absorption material, it is now possible for the first time to clean and disinfect the containers. CXR containers are characterized in particular by:

  • Replaceable absorption material
  • easy accessibility
  • best possibilities for cleaning and disinfecting
  • High safety due to particularly robust design
  • long holding times

The complete absorption of the liquid nitrogen in the absorption area allows cryogenic and dry storage of the goods to be shipped. A temperature of at least -150°C is maintained in the storage area until the liquid nitrogen evaporates. This increases safety, especially for long transport distances.

International transports are no longer a problem due to the extremely long holding times of the containers and the transport boxes that are part of the system. The containers comply with IATA guidelines.

The data logger, which is available as an accessory, enables the temperature to be monitored without interruption.

On request, the CX series containers can also be supplied with approval in accordance with the Medical Devices Act (MPG) 93/42 EC.

Temperature logger

The temperature logger enables seamless monitoring and documentation of the temperature in the CX and CXR shipping containers. This is indispensable for valuable samples. The electronics and the temperature sensor are integrated in a special neck tube plug. This eliminates the need for separate cable feeds or additional external modules. Thus, the risk of damage during transport is virtually eliminated.

Storage capacities:

  • CX100 and CXR100 up to 102 2ml tubes
  • CXR500 up to 500 2ml tubes

The logger complies with the standards:

  • 89/336/EEC (EMC - Directive)
  • RTCA D0160D Section 21.4, Radiation Emission - Cat. B (for safe operation on board aircraft)


  • Measuring range: -199°C to +40°C (accuracy +/- 3°C)
  • Recording of up to 8192 temperature values in non-volatile memory
  • Recording interval selectable between 1 and 30 minutes
  • Battery life 5 years minimum (non-rechargeable lithium cell)
  • Interface for PC for programming, data recording and evaluation
  • LED status display for recording (active/standby) and battery status
  • LED indicator for temperature too high


  • Tilt indicator - sensor for detecting impermissibly strong tilt angles. The position of the container is recorded simultaneously with the temperature. Excessive tipping angles are registered in the memory and indicated by LED.
  • On request, the CX-R series containers can also be supplied with approval in accordance with the Medical Devices Act (MPG) 93/42 EC.

CX/CX-R Series Data Sheet

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