Safety for people and material

Automatic filling and control units. CryoCon monitors and controls the automatic filling with liquid nitrogen.

The CryoCon level controls offer a wide range of features and options - in terms of combination with other vessels, liquid nitrogen supply, and control, programming, monitoring and documentation via PC or computer.

CryoCon AF-1D

Equipment features

  • Level indicator
  • Alarm messages for level, nitrogen supply, lid open, sensor error
  • Level monitoring with automatic refilling
  • Automatic demisting when opening the lid
  • Quick cooling when closing the lid
  • Manual filling

CryoCon AFT-3L

  • Level indicator
  • Level monitoring with automatic refilling
  • Temperature monitoring and display
  • Temperature control
  • Alarm message for temperature, level, sensor error, nitrogen supply, lid open, unauthorized access
  • Manual filling
  • Data memory with serial interface to PC/printer for temperature, level, alarm, filling activities, etc.
  • Simultaneous or sequential filling when multiple vessels are installed
  • Possibility of connection for central gas bypass control system
  • Automatic demisting when opening the lid
  • Quick cooling when closing the lid
  • Password protection for access to container and programming
  • Updating the controller software by means of PC and data cable
  • Updates on CD or via e-mail

Features options

  • RS485 interface
  • Gas bypass, individual
  • 4-20mA, 0 -2V and 0 -10V interface for temperature recording
  • PC data management program Cryodata


Central gas bypass system CryoVent M360

When several freezing containers are installed, the LN2 supply is normally made via an external tank by means of insulated lines. When one or more tanks are filled, the cold run of the line produces sometimes considerable amounts of gas. This gas, which is then discharged into the room through the nitrogen pool in the freezing vessel, can cause a variety of disturbances:

  • Ice formation in and on the freezing container
  • Heating of the nitrogen pool in the freezing vessel
  • Reduction of the oxygen concentration in the room

By using the Taylor-Wharton gas bypass system CryoVent M360 you can avoid these problems.

How M360 works

  • In case of automatic or manual filling start of one freezing container, all other freezing containers connected to the same LN2 line are switched to it (simultaneous filling).
  • This signal is sent to the M360 controller. In the "Gas bypass" mode, the power supply to the solenoid valves of the respective containers is interrupted via upstream control modules (standard on AFT-3L). At the same time, one or two (solenoid) valves in the exhaust line are opened to discharge the gas through a line routed to the outside.
  • As soon as the line is cold, controlled by a temperature sensor, it is switched over to the filling mode.
  • A second temperature sensor, mounted in the pipe behind it, triggers an alarm in the event of contact with liquid nitrogen, thereby safeguarding the exhaust line against liquid nitrogen discharge.

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