For cryostorage of transplants, stem cells, erythrocyte concentrates and other biomaterials

The cryogenic storage of transplants such as stem cells/bone marrow, erythrocyte concentrates, homografts, skin, etc. must meet special requirements. We offer you the appropriate systems for your application, which fully meet the requirements for safe and easy handling, good labeling possibilities and fast retrieval.

The systems consist of three components:

  • a stainless steel frame for holding the slide-in units
  • Aluminum drawers that slide into the frame from above
  • Cassettes that hold the cryo bags and that are inserted into the side of the slide-in units

The cassettes are made of a high-quality special cardboard or aluminum, which does not change its properties even in liquid nitrogen. Different classification systems are available for commercially available cryo-bags. The choice of system depends on the type and number of bags present and on the type of storage (in the liquid or gas phase).

Data sheet cryo storage

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