tec-lab accessories for your application

Of course, we also carry accessories such as protective clothing, Kyro boxes or Kyro tubes and container accessories.

Roller base

Roller baseThe roller base facilitates the handling of the cryogenic container. The stable and tilt-resistant construction is made of aluminum and has five smooth-running rollers. The plastic-coated surface is gentle on the container. Available in three sizes with diameters of 396, 478, and 683 mm.

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Low level alarm

04-23363-080-150x150Electronic monitoring of the liquid nitrogen level of the XT, HC and LS series. Visual and audible alarm to safeguard valuable material. Nitrogen saving by avoiding manual checks.

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Extraction hoses

Extraction hosesHigh-strength stainless steel withdrawal hoses with additional protective cover for filling liquid nitrogen. Available with or without phase separator and in various lengths.

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Extraction lifter

Extraction lifterFor safe and convenient withdrawal of small quantities of liquid nitrogen from containers of type LD25, LD35 and LD50. Withdrawal rates of up to 8 l/min at max. 0.5 bar. The tank can also be filled with the device mounted.

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Tilting frame

Tilting frameThe stable design on casters for the LD25, LD35 and Classic25 allow convenient pouring from the container by simply tilting it.

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Transport cart

XL CartThis special transport trolley enables easy and safe picking up, transporting and setting down of the containers (for XL160, XL180, XL45, XL50, XL55).

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Measuring rods

Measuring rodThis dipstick is for determining the level in the tanks.

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Cryogenic gas can cause severe burns. Protective equipment and clothing is therefore very important when handling such materials. This equipment consists of the following components:

  • Cryo gloves
  • Cryo apron
  • Face shield

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As an organization system for your samples, we offer you various boxes, these are available in cardboard, aluminum and polycarbonate, as well as in a wide variety of grids, e.g. 10×10, 9×9 or 5×5.

We also have the matching cryotubes for you in a wide variety of designs; whether internal or external thread, stand or round bottom in 2 ml or 5ml.

New: On request, we work the silicone seal into the lid. This offers you more safety and is cheaper to purchase. Of course, we also have the tubes with the silicone O-ring.

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