MicroBulk Solutions

Next generation solutions for safe and efficient delivery for gas and liquid applications

Taylor-Wharton understands the changing needs of its customers and has leveraged its decades of cryogenics experience to deliver a world-class new MicroBulk offering. MicroBulk enables on-site storage and filling to maximize operational reliability and efficiency and minimize product loss. With a new product design and features, sizes up to 7500 liters, a wide range of working pressures, and a universal design that can be filled from any cryogenic delivery truck. We offer the complete MicroBulk solution for users who need a larger usable volume than liquid cylinders and a smaller one than bulk tanks (usable volume between 450 and 7500 liters).

(Transportable 450 liter MicroBulk)

Increased safety and durability

  • Safe and easy to transport
  • Eliminates cylinder handling and reduces the risk of injury hazards
  • Galvanized steel pallet and frame
  • Compact and robust

Convenient & customer oriented

  • On-site filling
  • No interruption of the end application
  • Suitable for industrial & CryoBio applications
  • All valves are at operator level
  • Shutting off the filling


  • Reduces the bottle fleet
  • Reduces product losses during the filling process

Designed to improve the filling process

  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • High quality

Suitable for

  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratories
  • Food Processing
  • Health Care



MicroBulk-450 TPED Specifications

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