For expedient long-term storage of biogenic material and for many other applications in the laboratory and in technology

The XT series containers are cryogenic freezing containers for long-term storage of biogenic material and many other applications in laboratories and engineering. XT containers are characterized by holding times of up to 340 days. These extremely long holding times guarantee high economic efficiency.

Typical users are medical institutes, biological laboratories, artificial insemination institutes and pharmaceutical institutes.

XT containers are mainly used for the storage of sequins; but also for cryotubes when long holding times are a priority.


The XTL series tanks are characterized by a particularly low overall height and are therefore suitable for applications where space is at a premium.

Storage capacities:

XTL3 3l nitrogen
XTL8 8l nitrogen
XTL10 10l nitrogen
XTL20 20l nitrogen
XTL34 34l nitrogen

Data sheet XT series

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