REVOLUTION High Capacity Freezer Container

Elevate your biorepository to a new level of secure inventory management and regulatory compliance.

By reviewing all aspects of the storage process and the systemic interaction of the freezer with production or process environments, we have developed the Revolution high-capacity storage system as an expedient solution for current and anticipated compliance frameworks.

REVOLUTION freezer features

  • Space-saving with improved user ergonomics, trays are easier to place, find and remove
  • Improved level and temperature management with completely redesigned liquid feed system
  • Fail-safe level measurement
  • LED interior lighting and automatic defroster fan maximize sample visibility when working with the freezer
  • Temperature management system compensates for temperature rise during operation
  • Optional motor drive for carousel facilitates individual access controls - Quadrants can be restricted with user-dependent permissions
  • Automatic locking lid with password/biometrics/card access


Sample access and user management

  • User management allows the creation of an unlimited number of user profiles with individual permissions
  • Complete audit trail to record all actions performed by a logged-in person, including time and date stamps
  • Available inventory management software allows for the creation of inventory lists for onboard freezers and the location of samples
  • Inventory management can be networked with a server application to create pick lists for multiple freezers and search for samples


Control systems are a fundamental building block for freezer functionality and facilitating compliance. The control unit is designed to provide a simple, intuitive interface with an extremely robust, redundant control platform with state-of-the-art connectivity and easy user interaction.

  • Double, redundant level detection protects against level control problems
  • Large touchscreen control panel - Industrial PLC control as a robust control platform
  • Level or temperature-based control as standard
  • Web server and API support BMS and network connectivity
  • User management and audit trail functions


Access control

Limiting and, more importantly, recording access to the sample chamber is an important requirement. The Revolution freezer offers multiple access levels and full test log options:

  • The magnetic lid locking mechanism requires a password or biometric access
  • Optional motorized control of the specimen compartment allows the user to restrict access to specific areas of the specimen storage.
  • Additional automation options can restrict access to individual racks, individual boxes or sample tubes

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