tec-lab Leasing

Leasing is the easiest way to invest in new technology and equipment while preserving your liquidity. Spreading the costs over the useful life allows an even amortization of the investment object. This way you can always be up to date with the latest technology and achieve the optimum profit with your company.

Leasing preserves your liquidity and does not affect credit lines.

Leasing installments are not liabilities and therefore do not burden balance sheet ratios or equity. This is an invaluable advantage, especially in view of Basel II. The constantly low leasing rates provide you with a clear basis for calculation, and contract terms of 24 to 72 months represent a manageable financing framework. After expiration of a leasing contract, the freed-up liquidity is quickly available for new investments.

  • Leasing maintains liquidity
  • Leasing conserves credit lines
  • No capital commitment, as monthly installment payments are possible

There are no additional costs. There are no processing fees. The leasing rates are guaranteed for the entire term, so that price increases are excluded.

Sample calculation:

Fully automatic cryogenic system type LS3000
with Automatic Filling and Control Unit M550, delivery incl.
For only EUR 3,54 per day.

(Leasing term 72 months, financing through our leasing partner www.lak-leasing.de)