For storage of large batches and larger objects

Devices of the K series are used internationally wherever larger quantities of biogenic material or larger objects such as transplants are to be stored.

Taylor-Wharton large-capacity freezer containers, like all other containers, are kept cryogenically cold by nitrogen in the liquid or gas phase. Compared to mechanical refrigeration units, they have a number of decisive advantages which have a particularly positive effect in the area of environmental protection:

  • Higher reliability
  • No waste heat
  • No noise pollution
  • Low temperature
  • Largely maintenance-free
  • Long safety time in case of power failure

The K series from Taylor-Wharton is suitable for various classification systems. The high capacities ensure the accommodation of a maximum of 38,350 cryotubes à 2ml or up to 739,500 fine sequins.

On request, we can also supply the K-series containers with approval in accordance with the Medical Devices Act (MPG) 93/42 CE.

Storage capacities:

  • 3K - up to 3,726 2ml tubes
  • 10K - up to 10,400 2ml tubes
  • 24K - up to 24,050 2ml tubes
  • 38K - up to 38,350 2ml tubes

Data sheet K-Series

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